Local Rules

Out of Bounds
Out of bounds is defined by the line between course side points at ground level of white stakes or fence posts.

Penalty areas
Red penalty area on Holes 2 and 3 extend to coincides with the out of bounds edge.

Immovable Obstruction
If a sprinkler head lies within two club lengths of green and interferes with the line of play between ball and hole then free relief may be taken provided ball lies within two club lengths of sprinkler head.
Ball may be lifted and dropped at nearest point where sprinkler does not interfere with line of play or stance or swing and the ball is not then on putting green or penalty area.

Temporary Local Rules

1. GUR on fairways 8,10 and 11. Compulsory nearest point of relief.
2. Area behind 14 green. GUR. Compulsory nearest point of relief