There are 4 sets of tees for all golfers at any stage to play for fun or handicap in General Play or Open Play. At the club there also sets of clubs and electric trolleys available for hire if you haven't brought yours along or want to have a go at this really fun course.

The holes are indicated by:
Front 9 - Yellow Flags, Back 9 - Red Flags

Hole 1 is a gentle starter to yellow flag on left.
Hole 2 is played uphill to a plateau 30 yards deep.
Hole 7 is downhill from the escarpment.
Holes 11 - 14 are played over and around the red sandstone rocks
Holes 16 -18 are again quite gentle to finish the round.

On most holes there are distance Markers found along the fairway:

Red - 100 yards to middle
Yellow - 150 yards to middle
White - 200 yards to middle